The growing of vines in Macedonia can be traced back to Ancient and Roman times, proof of which are the amphorae used for storing wine found at the archaeological sites. Motifs of vine growing and wine making are also depicted in the mosaics that decorated the luxurious mansions in those ancient times. According to historical data, the vine growing and wine making were present in Macedonia for several millennia and were connected with the cult of fertility, the cult of Dionis and Bacchus and for holly communion in Christianity. Learn more about the history of viticulture, autochthon varieties of grape, and the process of wine making in the oldest and richest Wine region of Macedonia. Be a part of the centuries-long vine pruning or vine harvest tradition and visit the famous Tikvesh wine region, where geographical position, fertile soil and climatic conditions are extremely favourable for grape cultivation and formation of intense flavours in specific grape varieties. And if you believe that "In vino veritas" (Latin saying: "the truth is in the wine") come with us to taste and to reveal the secret of the Macedonian robust wines. Whenever it is the period for vine pruning, vine harvest or just a regular day, there is not a bad day for a glass of good Macedonian wine.