With Go Macedonia you can sing together with local winemakers to glorify Sveti Trifun (St. Triphun) and ask for a blessing for good yields or experience the country life by helping the locals with their everyday activities while admiring the interesting village architecture. And then, after the exhausting day enjoy the aroma of wine, shira (grape must, young wine), freshly baked bread, homemade zelnik (special type of pie/pastry), fresh milk, honey, cheese, ayvar, pickled cabbage, roast pork or grilled lamb, chestnuts - all that combined with a hospitable and welcoming smile that will make you feel at home. Spend a weekend in the countryside and feel life as it used to be in the past: serene, simple and tranquil. Just for a moment forget about the city noise, sky-high bills, taxes... Get up at dawn when the first cock crows and announces the new day and take part in the daily rituals typical for the Macedonian village: milking, baking bread, making rakiya or traditional ayvar and turshija (pickled vegetables).