The culture and religion has always been an inseparable compound that defines the Macedonian nation and affects its tradition and customs. Macedonia as Biblical country rich in churches and monasteries, sacred waters and miraculous icons makes a perfect place for one to find tranquility and discover God's truth, the meaning of our existence and the mission of why we are here now. The number and diversity of over 155 completely preserved monasteries and 90 monasteries in various stages of disrepair suggest past of people whose story is that of creation, art and spirituality. Wherever you knock on a door of a Macedonian house or a monastery you will be deeply touched by the hospitality and living tradition of welcoming the guests with traditional sweets, coffee and cold water. Use the opportunity by coming to Macedonia to experience the old customs still preserved in the nowadays life, the numberless cultural events showing the old and new traditions from folk dance festivals, poetry reading by the beautiful Ohrid lake, theatre and classical music festivals and to sight see the churches and monastery mostly arranged in the Byzantine style and decor.