Macedonia's thousands of years old heritage of different cultures and civilizations starts from Neolithic times through the ancient Macedonian, Roman, Byzantine eras, the time of medieval kingdom of Samoil, Ottoman era and continues to the modern nowadays time. The long history left numerous artifacts from stone, clay and metal, manuscripts and buildings which endowed this country with 4.293 archaeological localities, 992 churches and monasteries with over 150.000 square meters of fresco paintings, over 22.855 icons and 240 iconostasis, canopies and archbishop thrones, performed in carve, objects from rural (220) and urban (379) architecture, 47 towers, ramparts and bridges, 12 urban and rural ensembles, 188 economical objects, 1.000 monuments and monument marks, 228 objects in ottoman architecture (mosques, Inn, old bazaar and similar). Travel with goMacedonia to the Macedonian past and hear the stories, legends and facts about Alexander the Great of Macedonia; the teachers of all Slavs, Cyril and Methodius - the inventor and introducer of the Cyrillic alphabet, Saint Kliment Ohridski; the kingdom of Czar Samoil and the Bogomil movement; the dignified struggle for freedom in the Ilinden uprisings and lot more. Because the history of Macedonia is the history of the mankind and the endless struggle and effort the world to be made into a peaceful and dignified place for all the nations to live.